Membership Information

Membership Information2018-10-31T16:17:43+09:00

[Types of membership and eligibility]

  • A member of Association must not be involved to businesses which are antisocial, anti-market, and pursuant to the social convention. A member is subject to regulations prescribed by the Articles of Incorporation and expected to participate in projects which the Association promotes actively.

[Application procedure for regular membership.]

[Application procedure for a special membership]

[Submitting a membership application]

1. Download an application form below to fill out the application. 

2. Apply to sign up to the homepage

3. Attach a scanned copy of the application form at the sign-up page on the homepage.

4. Send the original copy of the application to the office of Open Blockchain Industry Association by mail.Address: 45 Hyoryeongro53gil, Suite #219, Seocho-Gu, Seoul 06652.

[Documents required for a membership application]

  • Application Form
  • Summary of your business
  • Business License
  • Consent Form