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OBCIA Founding General Conference and Memorial Conference held

2018-08-08 12:58

After promoters’ meeting last month, the Association held the Commencement meeting and conference at Korea Science and Technology Center, under the final name of the Association, “Open Blockchain Industry Association” on April 27th, 2018 with more than 40 compaines present.

Park, Sung-Jun, a professor from Dongguk University, presided as a temporary chair and stated that “the Association will be a cornerstone of blockchain business ecosystem in Korea and a network hub between business and the government. We will continue to make commitments in industry growth, with providing human resources development programs, and performing the role of Incubating Center for development and revitalization of blockchain industries.”

The Association is founded to develop blockchain industries centered with private corporations and plans to act as a pivotal part in making Korea as a global leader in blockchain industries. Specifically, the Association plans to i) coordinate cooperation efforts between corporations that promote blockchain businesses ii) create related business ecosystem iii) organize a thriving market iv) research ways to make inroads into global markets, v) establish information exchange networks between member corporations, and vi) advocate and represent blockchain industries to improve the competitiveness of the nation.

At the commemorative conference that followed the commencement meeting with following lectures: i) Lecture by Moon Young-Hoon from BLOCKCHAINers (Title: Success Formula in the era of Blockchain and Decentralization), ii) Lecture from Kim Ui-Seok, an associate from Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporations, (Title: Innovation Policies of Blockchain Societal Challenges) and iii) Lecture by Kim Jong-Seung, an associate from SK Telecom (Title: ‘ICO(Initial Commons Offering)’ for Integral Blockchain).

President Oh Se-Hyun, delivered congratulations in his inauguration that “Many companies are putting forward tireless efforts for success in business and growth of the industry. the Association will commit to supporting you by creating a business ecosystem and platform to share vital information through networks of member corporation so that blockchain industry blossoms as a vibrant industry.” Then he emphasized that “The Association will be a major platform where successful blockchain businesses and companies preparing blockchain businesses can share the experience with each other so it can become a groundwork of thriving into global businesses.”

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