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Participated in 'Block Chain Campus' held by Gyeonggi Province & Next Generation Convergence Technology Institute

2018-08-08 12:59

On May 15th, 2018, Gyeonggi Province and Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology (“AICT”) held a launch ceremony of blockchain campus at Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation in Pangyo. Both entities agreed that blockchain technology as the core of future industries, and organized the blockchain campus to train technicians and foster startups and provide support so that Korea also can create a business ecosystem for blockchain industries.

Today’s launching ceremony was attended by around fifty dignitaries including Jang Gyeong-Soon, the Deputy Governor for multipartisan coalitions, Jeong Taek-Dong, the president of AICT, Ha Chang-Dong, a director from Open Blockchain Industry Association, and Kim Hyeong-Ju, the Chairman of Korea Blockchain Industry Association.

Blockchain Campus offers four educational courses: Introductory Course, Advanced Course and Expert Course I and II. Also, numerous programs such as Blockchain hackathon, educator communities, policy research project on Gyeonggi Province public service modeling, are planned to be offered. Trainees on campus can select to take courses suitable for their skills, and access education worth KRW 2 million free of charge.

Deputy Governor Jang Gyeong-Soon stated in the ceremony, that “We will be making our best efforts to train experts, foster startups and create jobs so that many talented young minds here can be successful as leaders of blockchain markets all around the globe.”

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