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OBCIA Promoters held

2018-08-08 12:58

Companies have gathered in diverse areas, from telecommunications, banks, global IT companies, startups, and law firms to develop the blockchain industry.

The Block Chain Industry Association (tentative) held a promoters’ meeting at the Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe Hotel on March 28 and appointed SK Telecom Executive Oh Se-Hyun as a representative.

The structure of the Association will derive from the open blockchain forum, which was founded last April (2017). As an ‘industry association centered with private corporations,’ the Association plans to invite various companies that make up the blockchain industry ecosystem can participate in activities.

“Many companies and organizations gathered today to play a pivotal role in the development of the blockchain industry,” said Chairman Oh Se-Hyun explaining the background of the association’s launch. He then mentioned the further direction of the Association “I hope that we can become a catalyst for expanding the blockchain ecosystem in Korea and make Korean blockchain industry as one of the world leaders.”

The association is planning to support building blockchain industrial ecosystems and blockchain technology development infrastructure; implementing 'open lab' for communication between blockchain research and development companies and individuals.

It also plans to serve as a network hub between businesses and governments, relaying opinions of blockchain industries to the relevant agencies of the government, sharing new business models, providing human resources development programs, and performing the role of Incubating Center for development and revitalization of blockchain industries.

The association will hold a general commencement meeting on April 27 to select the final name and president of the association followed by the registration as an incorporated association.

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